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KCPE examinations distribution centre

A headteacher taking exams to students and a police officer guarding the exams.



The Kenya National Examination Education Has officially begun, the 2019 Standard Eight national exams began on Tuesday across the country, according to the daily news it was reported that 1,088,986 candidates writing the tests that mark their transition to secondary schools next year.

The exams go for three days, as Monday was a rehearsal for the student to know the requirement of the national exams, the other three-days student will be doing their exams from 8:00 am -3:00 pm East African time. The exams are done national wide as the cabinet secretaries, principal secretaries, chief administrative officers, regional coordinators, county commissioners, and their deputies— overseeing the release of exam papers to headteachers.

Overall the exams started and the refugee community is part of this national exams as they have students who participate in these exams as a refugee. This is the only time; the refugee community are seriously monitored in the fear of exams leaking to students. And as well as the countrywide, the worrying part of the exams is that, it is a rainy season and some towns will have difficulties in getting those exams on time.

The cabinet minister promised to provide private jets, if the roads become impassible, this is an issue that Kenyan can’t permanent roads despite the heavy taxation.

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