National Exams(KCSE, Kenya certificate secondary education)

The beginning of this month 5th Nov, the national examination of Kenya has begun; in the Dadaab refugee camps have 7 registered secondary schools who are also setting this exams; the exams are final exams and the mode of the doing is just the same us the other exams but the pressure students are exerted on is unexceptional; some of the students i met told me that ” the exams looks militarized, we have police officers, new invigilaters, supervisor and center manager, beside that we have a team that come to oversee the progress of the test and sometimes go to class to check if in case there are irregularities.
According to a refugee candidate that I saw on the way he told me this is tough exam; the test is easy but the supervision, and the rules set to avoid any irregularity are scaring, he told number of his friends sometimes forget to write what they know in the fear they are told that they are copying from their friends.
the exams is the longest exams that is done for high School in Kenya; it goes for 17 days minus the weekends. the ministry concerning the exams is also observant as she told the center managers to ensure the schools gates are maintained opened to avoid the external officers been delayed outsides, according to my idea this may cause fears as outsides may disrupts the progress of the exams.

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