Resuming dadaab classes after the short break

Resuming dadaab classes after the short break

Another semester begins;

graduate students begin their classes although they have different course registered, commonly course is the Nombusso course which is the ”  GS/EDUC5120 B – Theory and Research in Language, Culture and as well as Teaching (Full Year 2018-2019), and   ED/EDST3800 X – Research Methods in Educational Studies (Full Year 2018-2019).   the latter is face to face and we have other independent courses like Abdikadir is registered and has already begun, EDUC 5863 Digital Games and Learning. this started last Tuesday, and it is on now.  the other courses are ecology and inclusive learning.

The undergraduate students of BHER are also on their last semester and they are hoping to finish all their classes before April 2019 so that they can graduate.  the graduate students are also standing as the teacher assistance in some of their course like the  ED/EDST3999 X – Experience, Inquire, Contribute I (EIC): Systematic Observation in Context (Full Year 2018-2019) and it also helping the graduate to be more professional.

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I am Abdikadir a student and a reporter


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