Happy New Year, welcome to 2019;

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IFO secondary school has begun the admission processes of new form 1 students from different primary schools in the Ifo refugee camps, all these new students are overexcited to be given a position in the school to learn. this is an opportunity for the new arrivals to come and undergo a small exercise before they are allowed to register.

the processes are about touring them to the school, verifying the details of the new students, and bringing some facilities required for learning liking the learning materials.

On the other end, many students at this point are so excited to meet and exchange their view and happiness. since like this day act as a joy and a learning process; because they interact with many other students from different primary schools in the camp.

lastly, the students are welcomed by the previous students of Ifo secondary and they are introduced to their new teachers. I personally feel very excited to be teaching new and different students every year, because this stands an interaction and learning opportunity for me.



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