What awaited exams for the candidates of 2019 begins today. many students are so worried about the exam because it is the only exam that determines their future. Most of the students hope to get better grades, which enables them to get automatical acceptance from the public university in the country.

From KNEC Website- Students from a certain school confirming the states of their exams.

This is the longest exam done in Kenya, end of every year and Council unveils the list of dos and don’ts for candidates, teachers and the school administration. The exam is well protected and police forces are deployed in every school that is doing exams. Most of the children who are doing exams are frustrated with the kind of seriousness the exam comes.

In Dadaab, we all also have many students who are registered and all rules are applied, this was one unifying factor that the community Dadaab feels. I met with some students who are registered and the overwhelming with the exam today, as they will begin with English as their first paper to do today. Unfortunately, some of the girls are having some issues related to their status as one of the students in Ifo secondary reported to me that she can’t do exams because she is heavily pregnant and can’t fulfill some of the requirements of KNEC (Exam board). These are some factors caused by early marriage and if a proper awareness could be created, such cases could be minimized.


As exams begin, I will keep updating stay with us on


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